Alternative website navigation modes

Of course, there are still countless alternatives to the already mentioned navigation types.

Breadcrumb navigation

You probably know this form of website navigation from web catalogs or Windows Explorer. Especially with many navigation levels, it allows the user a good orientation.


Like a map, the sitemap includes all pages at a glance. However, if there are a few hundred of them, it does not really help with orientation.

Contextual navigation

The classic par excellence is linked to the content. Especially when “intuitively clicking around” they bring the user to the destination.

Keyword cloud

This form of website navigation is relatively new. A list of keywords (“tags”) is arranged in the form of a cloud, with the size of the words being based on their weighting. However, users have a relatively hard time with “tag clouds”.


There are real fans of the search function who have no other way of navigating through websites. Since an input field for the search query takes up little space, there is little to be said about the search function.


There are, of course, countless other types of navigation. Mobile apps in particular offer countless new ways to navigate through content. For example, the floating action button. In addition, voice and gesture control are becoming more and more relevant.