Participating in the survey again after accidentally ending it, Is that possible?

Yes, in a survey with individual access keys (so-called closed survey) you as the survey creator can give a participant access to the survey again, even if they have already (accidentally) completed the survey.

A survey participant with a once-only access key has answered and completed your survey and would like to correct answers after completion or someone who clicked through the survey without answers for orientation and has already completed it by mistake? Then you can help them as a survey creator with just a few clicks and enable them to participate again – by deleting the address book entry belonging to this person once, then re-entering it and sending another landing only for this person (while all other participants’ addresses remain untouched).

Tip for your questionnaire: Hint the page on the penultimate page to exit.

Our tip to avoid unintentional, too-early ending of the survey: You can integrate a hint page in your questionnaire as the penultimate page, which points out that when participants click on “Continue”, they will reach the last page of the questionnaire, which will lead to the survey being ended and that it is no longer possible to go back, e.g.: “Please note: If you click on “Continue” here, you will complete the questionnaire and will not be able to navigate back.”