The 5 most important elements: How to create your landing page

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1. Logo & corporate design: the first impression counts

Very important: Your own logo should always be displayed at the top of every landing page. In this way, users can immediately recognize who the sender of the offer is.

Optimally, this also increases recognition and evokes positive associations with your company or brand. Of course, this effect is enhanced immensely if you also design the landing page in your corporate design.

2. Headline & Subline: Love at first sight?

As in every area, the headline also plays an overriding role in landing pages. After all, headlines and sublines are the first messages your prospects perceive. With a landing page that has the sole task of converting, a clear message is therefore all the more important. Therefore, make sure that your headline already answers what you offer, what makes the offer unique, and what benefit potential customers will derive from it. At best, the subline should then complement this by continuing the message or, if necessary, removing a possible objection.

3. Hero Shot: The visual eye-catcher for your landing page

You probably already know: As humans, we process images much faster than text and understand a product or service more easily when we see it. This is exactly why the content of every landing page should open with a so-called hero shot. This can be a graphic, a photo, or a captivating (explain) video, for example.

By the way, photos of smiling people, babies, and cute animals work best but the image should also fit your offer. Make sure, however, that the gaze of the person or animal in the image determines the direction of the view and the reading direction. Tests have shown that the direction of the person’s gaze determines how much attention the adjacent text receives.

4. Introduction: What benefit do readers get from your landing page?

Now you should have the attention of your prospects. So in the next step, briefly introduce what your product or service is all about. In doing so, highlight especially the most important benefits and features and also feel free to tell some brief information about yourself that will increase confidence in the offer.

5. Call-to-action: skillfully motivate your readers to convert

In the end, the focus of every landing page is on a concrete and successful call-to-action, in other words, the point at which the conversion ultimately takes place. A CTA is a clearly formulated call to action usually a button with a crisp message that both prompts and shows what the user will receive by clicking. It is therefore crucial that the call-to-action is not visually lost. So make sure your CTA stands out from the rest of your landing page design with eye-catching color and sufficient size.


With a well-designed landing page, leads, traffic, and conversions can be catapulted through the roof! No wonder landing pages are one of the most important components in online and email marketing. And by the way, we really mean it: the more landing pages you create, the better. However, the same applies here: Quality before quantity.